my favorite things (an easy way to start)

Christmas morning, scarves, Food Network, new clothes, Matt, blue rasberry jolly ranchers, nice smells, my Mom, sushi rolls and wasabi, Matt’s cologne, my Dad, driving alone listening to music, naps, eating out, Anthropologie, feeling smart, pineapple, love notes, eating healthy, food shopping, clean sheets, puppies, starting jobs that scare me a little, Matt’s glasses, speeches, a new haircut, my GPS, pens, gift cards, good conditioner, Billy Joel, my handwriting, painting, collaging, books, meditation music, really hot baths, starting new books, an organized house, dedications, my cleaning lady, snuggly Spencer, barrettes, doing the right thing, Kate Spade, stationary, singing, Duffy, good deals, Cuisinart, enameled cast iron, measuring cups, museums, traveling, Paris with Mom, salad, Friday nights, roasted red peppers, family, cast parties, dip, coloring, notebooks, Matt’s AF uniform, the woods, yoga, learning new things about Matt, saurekraut, being warm, blankets, Wii, feeling understood, peanut butter, school, tennis, subs from WaWa, sweaters, blush, God’s hand in my life everyday, my Army hat, omega 3 gummy bears, foyers, big houses, full moons on the beach, blueberries, Dance Dance Revolution, comp time, my Beetle, pictures, the library, thrift stores, good conversation, white wine, champagne, Italy with Matt, cruises, all-inclusives, laughing, singing along to songs with friends and acting out all the words, long t-shirts, jackets, driving away from a stressful day, poker, homemade salsa, limes, facials, fruity gum, good neighbors, crab cakes, Americana diner, being Matt’s girl, board games, quotes, Maki Combo B, finding faster backroads, finding harmonies, coupons, cards, going to secret briefings, dancing, tea, lattes, straws, plates, pudding, nice hotels, deep breathing, talking to my Mom, Dad’s answers to dilemmas, Army Strong commercials, airport bookstores, a fridge full of green stuff, artichokes, watching Matt play softball, pearls, Hershey kisses, mexican food, Baja Fresh, smoothies, cheese, the fabric inside nice purses, holding my Godson, hugs from Matt, Matt’s muscles, Broadway, walking around NYC with no plans, quiet time, justice, ceremonies, weddings, Matt’s laugh, sewing, Costco, appetizers, a day off, awards, making soup, Oprah, being myself, learning new things, traditions, opening the windows, opaque tights, pushing a stroller, dollar stores, my rings, suprising people, making people laugh, being real, lotion, 8 hours of sleep, warm breezes, rigatoni, jelly, hardwood floors, sticks, tomato sauce, grandparents, thank you cards, my doctor, hope, counselors, journals, tennis ball hoppers,  Pink Bear, Fall, reality shows, buffalo chicken salad, Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, butter pecan icecream, eating dinner with friends, overtime, Chapstick, zip lock bags, 2-Star birthday notes, free shipping, Amazon, time flying at work, volunteering, dreaming about the future, gravity, birthday cake, Keurig, massages, felt, forgiveness, compassion, hydrangeas, the USA, bread, nachos, Zicam, staying up late, vitamins, freedom, pickles, shutting off my phone, promotions, calendars, palm trees, suits, comfortable pumps, post-its, highlighters, candlelight, Red Bank, garlic, smiles, napkins, cellos, Coldplay, holiday formal balls, slideshows, following protocol, magazines, grace, cookbooks, house hunting, yard sales, Spring, Joe Palaia Park, Oakhurst, model homes, the George Lopez show, snacks, Brooks Brothers, shopping bags, swings, Disney World, early release, spontaneous trips, New Year’s Eve, Winter, lunch, ballet flats, clementines, limos to the airport, carry-ons, wisdom.


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