hole punch your life – things to do to survive in the corporate office

use cool paperclips – like rubber ducky ones, don’t look at the clock, pack for the day, connect with friends, design your space, realize that no one loves their job everyday, find your niche within your job, go to retirement luncheons, write short stories, rearrange your desk space often, move your monitor, open the windows, suggest monthly celebrations – like salsa day, do something between work and home to transition, pick out your clothes the night before, wear things you actually like, wear layers, take different routes to work, listen to music, write poetry, write in different pen colors, drink lots of water, eat with real silverware and plates – you’ll feel more human, make others laugh at you, use your vacation and sick time, invest in clothes and things that make you feel good, read e-books, always have other pots on the stove – an exit strategy will just make you feel better, volunteer for travel, go to conferences, surround yourself with nice smells, don’t work through lunch EVER, think about ergonomics, walk around, gift yourself a nap after work if you need it, take training, drink from interesting mugs, hole punch your life

At the end of the week, take everything out of your wallet, purse, backpack. I mean everything: receipts, coupons, post-its, memos, gum wrappers. Get a hole puncher, preferably a large one like people use for scrap booking. Punch away at all your things and make your week art. Put these punched out pieces on paper, get yourself a glue stick. It becomes a collage of you and your week, and what you bought at the grocery store. Its a good way to be creative when you have writer’s block. Its a visual journal.


3 thoughts on “hole punch your life – things to do to survive in the corporate office

  1. I like this post. Leaves room for lots of creativity and potential brightening of each day. Where did you find it?

    • I made it up as a way to pull together the seemingly disconnected pieces of my daily life. It made all those pieces somehow meaningful. Try it!

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