what do you know? what I know

when I turn 58 I’ll renogotiate

life is short, the economy fluctuates, I need time alone, eating veggies everyday feels good, friends are wonderful, one day I’d like to be a mom, looking forward to things is fun, its only money (which is just paper), don’t save favorite clothes for a better day, I can only work so much, Matt really loves me, I have to do meaningful work, I will be a different kind of mom, people need compassion, chain restaurant food is gross, preparation takes away stress, there is nothing like being home, life is huge, people all have a story and a heart, I usually live in a cloud, the sun gives us vitamin d, getting things in the mail is nice – so do it for others, journaling is good for the soul, poker nights and laughing are necessary for balance, I should use band-aids when I need them, when I feel crappy I should get a hair cut, tv is a waste of time, pictures can be annoying to take but I’ll cherish them later, when I’m annoyed with others its usually that I’m annoyed with myself.

I shouldn’t worry about the future because when it happens I’ll be fine and I’ll be able to handle it and even be happy

driving is better with music, posessions are only fun for a little while, when I watch the clock it drags, I should never stay anywhere where I watch the clock, alot of people work really hard to make the world go ’round, if I can avoid it I shouldn’t eat in the airport, I don’t have to make everyone happy, Matt is really smart, getting rid of stuff feels great, bring snacks, say yes and no, I have everything I need, God gives out blessings

sometimes we wind up by chance in the best place we can be


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