rules worth breaking

I’m like all caught up in my head with should-do’s. I want to purge my brain, so I am writing a list. Join me, add some of your own!

don’t swim right after eating, save save save, work really hard all the time, push yourself, say hi to every single person at your wedding, wash your car to preserve the paint (isn’t that one of the many uses of rain?), guard yourself, don’t say what you think, be polite to everyone, clean your house, be neat, take vitamins, cross all the milestones of life when everyone else in your age group does, write Christmas cards, remember every body’s birthday (can’t we just start telling each other the week before?), do things you may not like because you are an adult, act like an adult, make a meal every night for your husband, make your bed, floss daily, call people back right away, make the money you are capable of making, don’t be selfish (this one particularly drives me crazy because what does it really mean?), don’t buy luxurious over-priced things for yourself, don’t indulge, save money for a rainy day, don’t wear your special dress until the big night, wear lipstick, carry a purse, save receipts, stay up on the news, don’t waste time, be on time, always wear a watch, don’t over process your hair (but I like it), check e-mail every hour or so, always be reachable, use your degree, plan plan plan for the future, read books about marriage, don’t drink coffee, work on your core, don’t shop too much, do the dishes after every meal, eat out once a week (forget it!), clean more, don’t brag, make yourself presentable, eat protein (its really over-rated), take notes, take pictures, charge your cell phone and blackberry every night, don’t tear paper out of a notebook with the jagged edges showing, don’t write in blue ink, wear socks, stay calm, walk the dog, check ratings on an item before you buy it, be practical (but I like buying 5 lb bags of limes from Costco), don’t tell your secrets, be quiet, pay attention (impossible), care about your personal budget and the federal budget, always wear your wedding ring, don’t tell people what you really think because it might hurt their feelings, don’t drink, don’t gamble, don’t take long showers, spend every Saturday working on the house because its what adults do (but I wanna go play), only buy what you need, don’t wear scarves in the summer, don’t take risks, don’t give your heart away, organize your closets, clean out your gutters, work 12 hours a day its the American way, buy a car and drive it into the ground and don’t buy new cars every 2 years (ha), don’t get lost, follow directions, save gas, suck it up, don’t take it personally, grow up and let go of your childhood (no way it was too great), become completely independent (its not the way God made me), if you’re not like everyone else something must be wrong with you, don’t go out with a wet head, work in a cubicle and get over it you are an adult


2 thoughts on “rules worth breaking

  1. Look at what you have me doing…

    “Respect your elders” – Shouldn’t people do more than simply “get old” in order to earn respect?

    “Don’t stay up late”.

    “Don’t ruin your appetite”.

    “Always look at the return on investment”.

    “Think with your head”.

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