things I like to do on a day off

eat tacos, throw things away, not wear a watch, wear a hat, banish make-up, sit on the deck, eat salsa, go to Starbucks, read something, visit asbury window, go shopping, wear perfume, eat guacamole, make my house smell like Downy, laugh, go to Costco, buy new music, get refills, eat “for here” and not “to go”, stay up late the night before, ignore the blackberry, eat chips, do jumping jacks, jump up and down, do cartwheels on the beach, get a new perspective, be silly, dream of a day with no work the next day either, catch my neighbors doing really weird things, eat lettuce, forget what day it is, have no plans, lose my phone, let the dishes pile up, sing, eat three packs of one-hundred-calorie packs


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