things to do when feeling overwhelmed

look at pictures, get a hair cut, think about that lady that lived in the blue house behind the beach house in long beach island, get a bunch of new fitted t-shirts, think about how wonderful it is to cook a bunch of amazing colorful food, smell the beach, eat salsa, dream about different careers, write out some cards, spend time with mom, let yourself make some mistakes, go for a walk with the dog and let him determine the path, sit outside, visit grandparents, spend an hour (or four) in the library, meet friends for coffee, complain a little to someone who loves you, ask for reassurance, make mango salsa, play an instrument (even if its just banging on a pot), go out to a really nice dinner, make someone hug you tight for a long time, take an inventory of all the wonderful things you already have, have a garage sale and really let things go, take pictures of your life right now – you’ll be surprised how wonderful it looks out of your mind and into print, read a meaningless silly book that’s so funny that you have to read parts to other people, download some new music, wrap yourself up in a blanket and sit in perfect silence (after your ears stop ringing for the chaos it will feel so good), go to target just to walk around (its so cheery there), buy 20$ worth of stuff at the dollar tree, go to the cleaners and drop off all the clothes that need to be tailored or pressed and when you get them back…you’ll feel better


2 thoughts on “things to do when feeling overwhelmed

  1. Hey Erika! I’m diggin’ your blog.

    My life exists in lists as well… on post-its, text docs, note books of all shapes and sizes, grocery shopping receipts, you name it! Your list topics are much more inspiring than mine though :o))

    Keep writing; I’ll read!

    • Hey T! I am a big fan of your blog (I don’t know if I ever told you that). Thanks for following mine now! Isn’t amazing what how you can reflect on your week just by reading a grocery receipt? Love, E

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