join me

now that i have a few readers (thank you!) let’s make this fun. after my list, write your own in a comment. this way we’ll share lists, and have a grand list of lists! i promise it will be fun…and (face it) we all need more ideas of things to do when feeling overwhelmed


2 thoughts on “join me

  1. My day in a list…
    wake-up. breakfast. Max. shower. clothes. drive. drive some more. work. computer. website. meeting. dreamweaver. ektron. meeting. lunch. computer. .NET. ColdFusion. HTML. CSS. CSV. Email. MORE Email. logo. logos. blog. rain. email. research. facebook. wake-up. iphone. MT Dew! email. LEAVE! drive. Amanda. Chick-fil-a. Bestbuy. Kohls. Target. photos. email. clients. more photos. sleep!

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