things i should do for myself, but forget

just open a comment box, and start writing things you should do for yourself, but forget…

blink, take bubble baths, go food shopping, forget about “success”, not worry about money, stop biting my nails, drink more water, take vitamins, put a hot washcloth on my face, exercise more, do yoga, talk things out, do NYC ballet workout, say no, dance, make plans with friends, floss, go to dance class, go to the dry cleaners, pray, water my plants, use eye cream, watch less tv, get pedicures, go into the city, go to art shows, read before bed, hang out with my mom and dad, go to the library, ride my bike, play piano, sing, go to church, listen to music rather than talk radio, be creative, make collages, shave, go to my counselor, clean out my purse, carry cash, laugh, do my hair, hang up my clothes, remember retrouvaille, sit on the deck, drive to westfield, schedule a massage, get a facial, go crabbing, go to the beach, skip makeup, buy pepperoncini


2 thoughts on “things i should do for myself, but forget

  1. run on the boardwalk, worry less, pray more, read more, go see Wicked and West Side Story, cook with variety, buy a new bathing suit, plan girls’ nights, plan a solo get away, go to concerts, go to museums, take Caleb to the park, go to the zoo, take pictures, volunteer more, go on a date, make more lists….

  2. go to the gym more frequently, get my hair done just for the fun of it, buy fresh flowers, plant new flowers, take off my old nail polish, get manis & pedis, organize my closet, go to the movies, take a bike ride, call friends back….

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