places i can ride my bike

Open up a comment box and tell us where you would ride your bike, walk, run to…it helps to write it down so that you can refer to it when you think you have nowhere to go

The beach, allenhurst, wegman’s, scarpetta’s, to get my hair cut, the library, long branch, surf taco, asbury window, monmouth university, to see friends, the hungry hobo, barnes and noble west long branch, a picnic, red bank, dean’s natural market, dots, target, scoops, igloo, brennan’s deli, ocean grove, michael’s, starbucks, up and down ocean ave, pier village, work, massage, aldi’s, the mall


One thought on “places i can ride my bike

  1. The Boardwalk (by Coney Island), Shore Parkway Bike Path, Central Park, Prospect Park, Windsor Terrace, Poly, Starrett, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and almost anywhere in the city (it’s all fun until the cars try to hit you).

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