the color red makes me think of…

red is not a color I particularly like, which is why this is an interesting exercise filled with positive and negative thoughts. feel free to change the color for your list.

cardigans, salsa, my mom thinks I look good in red, santa claus, paper hearts, fast cars, spencer’s bark collar, pillows in our living room, disaster scenes, pasta sauce, the hold button on my office phone, tomatoes, red flags on legal documents, formal wear for the winter, le creuset, nail polish, flowers, webster’s dictionary, coffee stirrers, m & m’s, conservatism, my tazo awake tea bag, delete, lollipops from the bank, urgency, rubies, valentines day, strawberries, target, the little light that flashes on my blackberry when I’m talking to someone, blood, the flag, a foyer, cranberry juice, red bell peppers, roasted red peppers, red tape, red sox, big girl lipstick


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