things that remind me of being a kid

seeing my dad working in the garage on a car, fruit punch, paper mache, shyness, uniforms, pink things, ballet shoes, dance schools, swing sets, a big bucket of crayons, penny loafers, salsa, calvary lighthouse, using a cash register, fall, sun-brewed ice tea, green peppers, the sounds of kids splashing in pools, play clothes, dot candy, pink bear (yes, that is his name), comforters, doll houses and miniature furniture, barbies, riding my bike down a hill, riding in a backseat, the sound of school bus coming up to speed, bright pencil cases

being bored, alphabet soup, route 195 – my mom always drove it to get to asbury hardware – the former asbury window, ocean grove, ring pops, ponies, headbands, the beach, sandcastles, the smell of cut grass, family parties, cake, playing outside, treehouses (homemade ones not the ones from tupperware or whatever), acoustic guitar, classical piano kiddie songbooks, practicing scales on the piano, maroon carpet, softball, jumping up and down, fresh cool breezes, big beautiful trees, lemonade stands, point pleasant

county fairs, being creative, cartwheels, pineapple sundaes, carrot juice, posters, legos, bandaids, whole wheat bread, green rice for saint patrick’s day, kickball, happy meals, howell township, composition books, collecting shells with little holes in them for necklaces, skiball, surf city long beach island, boogie boards, sunburns, snowmen, apple juice, bluegrass music, bricktown, my cousins, fruit roll-ups, writing on chalkboards, six flags great adventure, pathmark, swimming, my mom and dad, erasable pens (my fifth grade teacher required these and i still love them), my grandparents’ houses, getting cards in the mail, big wheels, stuffed animals,  fisher price toys, night lights, disney movies and music, puppets, colorful braces elasticy things, peanut butter and jelly (obviously), vegetable gardens, scrunchies, jersey tomatoes, dirt roads, juice boxes, plastic kiddie diaries, hello kitty, bed time, fruit lifesavers, ivory soap, crunchy fish with lemon, tempera paint, telling stories, headstands, overalls

falling asleep in the car, having to come inside for dinner, plastic parachute men, stickers, bowling, snap bracelets and teachers taking them away, laughing really hard, digital clocks with red numbers


2 thoughts on “things that remind me of being a kid

  1. LOVE this post. Mostly, I love reminiscing about being a kid.
    I think “Salsa” has made an appearance in nearly 90% of all your blogs.

    Here’s my list of things I remember about being a kid…

    New Kids on the Block, Polly Pockets, Teddy Rupskin, Bobby Brown song from Ghostbusters “every little step I take, you will be thereee,” building forts out of snow or bed sheets, marshmallow fights, Furbies, Tamagatchis, collecting pogs but never knowing what to do with them, sparkly eyeshadow, manhunt, dance contests in my basement, handwritten letters to a penpal in Ireland, handwritten letters in general, Lisa Frank, Christmas morning, the fake wooden birthday cake from children’s church, piano lessons, dance school, Lyme disease, hospitals, Bee Alive, Mickey, running through the sprinklers, swings at the park, having ONE best friend (there wasn’t room for another one), always having a crush, trying to win a radio contest, prank calls, the craze of AOL, vacations, the beach, scrunchies, Lamb Chop, Pick-up-sticks, The Velveteen Rabbit, school uniforms, mary jane shoes, backpack pocketsbooks, lip liner, Lunchables, “the candy store,” yearbooks,

  2. don’t you mean “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!” by the way, i had the jumbo scallops salad last night at seagrass in ocean grove. in one word: fabulous. its not suprise that i can relate to every kid-thing on your list. lisa frank!

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