things i am trying to do

trying to do homework, trying to have faith, trying not to go crazy, trying to stay calm, trying to take life one day (sometimes one hour) at a time, trying to be hopeful, trying to eat healthy, trying to get things done, trying to write in APA style, trying to be good at work, trying to stay organized, trying to be nice, trying to remember things, trying to not hate driving, trying to dream, trying to find the meaning of it all, trying to paint, trying to breathe deeper, trying to have clearer skin, trying to read, trying to stop watching so much tv, trying to stop trying so hard

the word trying looks so super-wierd now.


One thought on “things i am trying to do

  1. Here’s a serious question… why APA as opposed to MLA or Chicago? Those are it’s two big alternatives right? Why APA? And if the reason is because it’s the accepted format for what you do, then why did someone somewhere choose APA? It just looks so similar especially to MLA, I just don’t get what the benefit of it is versus the other ones. Thanks.

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