good things about being married (to mr. matt)


getting tucked in to bed, being told i’m pretty, coming home from a long day of work  and school late at night to butternut squash soup, getting in to a warm car on a cold morning, traveling the world, being in the shower and realizing i have no towel and having one delivered, having someone to whine at, scruffy man face, mr. professional brilliant matt, having someone to run back to wegmans because i left a bag of tofu and artichokes there, cuddly naps, coming home to him, not having to drive when he’s with me, getaway weekends, getting mr. matt to try new things, scruffy man face when he eats something he doesn’t like, changing together, being forgiven, being apologized to, being able to make our home lovely, hugs, being reminded to vote, having someone to eat out with every meal on the weekends, eating tacos together, sharing bottles of wine, sometimes when matt leaves the house before me and i’m still in bed i hear him lock the door and then check it to make sure i’m locked in all safe, the smell of his cologne, having someone to share funny stories with and hear him laugh, watching him evolve and grow and turn 25,26,27,28,29,30,31…, giving out candy together on halloween, hosting christmas eve dinner, having someone around who tells me:

its okay to change your mind, its okay to change your style, its okay to make mistakes, its okay to cry, its okay to try something new, its okay to throw out everything and start over, its okay to throw away dinner and go to our favorite restaurant, its okay to take a nap, its okay to spend money on frivolous things, its okay to move, its okay to quit, its okay to get that $40 head band you really want, its okay to be mad, its okay to paint all day, its okay to call out sick, its okay.

i am so glad i said yes to mr. matt and i am so lucky to have met him

me: whats your favorite color?

mr. matt: burgundy

me: whats your favorite thing to do?

mr. matt: hook up with you


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