things i crammed in last night

i wish i had more time. i am so blessed to have so many wonderful people, things, opportunities, dreams. the one thing i am lacking is time. oh yeah, and patience to wait for the time to come. so, i cram a lot in one evening.

let spencer out in the yard, drive to toms river, visit my grandparents, learn to crochet grandma’s way, buy yarn and the wrong crochet hook, go to the christmas tree store, buy christmas presents, buy new makeup and shampoo and conditioner and some cool glossy stuff, talk to everyone i know on the phone, speculate about life’s mysteries, come home, listen to matt read parts of his interesting book to me, open a seltzer, watch 5 minutes of rudolph, watch 5 minutes of house hunters, laugh, think about going to starbucks for an egg nog latte, start knitting a scarf, make an ornament for our tree out of a christmas card, learn how to cast on stitches from a book (this is a hard thing to do), do absolutely zero housework or cooking, eat a cookie, take a shower, complain about how tired i am, complain about being hungry, fall asleep


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