things i am doing to get ready to be a therapist

two chairs

hanging out with the people who encourage me and believe in me and promise me i will still have time to sew and ride my bike and make salsa and breathe, read, pray, envisioning what it may be like, applying for an internship at a place i really want to work, doing self-assessment type workbooks, thinking about motivations, registering for more classes than i can probably handle while still working in the cube, starting to tell people about what it is that i am doing, care, practice really listening, call my mentors, share my fears, order books on amazon written by yalom and kottler, talk to all my classmates and friends that are already doing it, love people, get malpractice insurance,  join the american counseling association, learn more and more about empathy and how to let others know i have it, figure out how to answer the question, “what do you do?”


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