vogue 8522

i really, really, really love the weekends. i had minimal homework this weekend so i have been able to sew, sew, sew and shop and cook. all of my favorite things. we have a new tradition that i am enjoying of buying something really yummy and really easy to prepare for saturday nights. last weekend we had fresh scallops, and last night we made stuffed salmon (already stuffed with crab courtesy of costco). home is nice. i am so over eating out every night.  

i made this jacket this weekend from a very easy vogue pattern called vogue 8522. i was a bit overwhelmed when i realized i would have to make a lining but it turned out to be a peace of cake and nicely hid all the seam allowances, etc. i don’t really like the sleeves but i can overlook that because i do love the collar. i may end up hacking the sleeves off and making it short sleeved. we shall see.

running, lifting, shopping, baja shrimp tacos, coldness, stubborn carpet stain, pajamas, lifespan development reading, resilience, orange juice and seltzer, manasquan vs. st john vianney, pizza with friends, cabernet savignon, sleeping in, millionaire matchmaker, blankets, heat, mucinex, dishes, salmon quesadillas with leftovers, 12 breakfast sandwich making marathon, stuffing freezer, snow, notebooks, gel pens, baseball hats


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