birthday list

snow, sneezes, protein shakes, pictures, my mom the photographer, joe’s jeans, millionaire matchmaker on dvr, no exercizing, mango shrimp tacos, salsa, thrifting, sharing secrets, anthropologie, tissues, cards, tears, englishtown antiques and used furniture (an old supermarket – what a wierd, spooky, and amazing place), presents, shrimp scampi, broccoli rabe, lubrano’s trattoria, new tights, yellow tail cabernet, laughing in the car all the way home, cake ice cream cake from coldstone with kit kats covered in sprinkles on top, candles, smarty pants bag from mom and dad, perfect sweater from grandma and pa, phone calls, american girl coconut from matt (he went on their web site and ordered it after i said i fell in love with him in the city), giada cookbooks, leather journal

meet coconut. p.s. i decided, he is a boy.



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