being me

i feel like me. i have been off for a week, and now i feel like me. i think i will be okay with this breaking away from corporate thing. i feel free. i want to never again get a job that consumes my spirit. i need an element of freedom in my life, i need to be free. a few hours of freedom is not true freedom. i want all of my hours to be mine.

things we did in florida:

drove way too much, batting cages, jeep dealership, outside mall nearby for impromptu sushi lunch and costco browsing, sleeping in rest areas (why are there none in georgia?), reading tuesdays with morrie, buying watercolors and not using them, arguing, vineyard church on easter, air hockey with onlookers, cooking, buying too much food from publix, walmart, sanibel, biking in sanibel, freaking out for not biking enough in sanibel, outlet shopping, brew babies, bert’s, matalcha, biking in matlacha, model home, real estate contemplating, sleeping til i wake up, throwing softball, throwing spencer’s green lobster toy, champagne, quiche, trying some recipes that didn’t turn out good, got inspired by carrot soup, missing home, laying on the upside down bought looking at the stars, finding a liberty of london dress at goodwill and a great case logic bag, doing zero homework even though i hauled it all there, mopping, flatbread pizza and smores, matt’s new under armour running shoes, sunblock, bad expensive mexican food, leaving notes, playing silly games on computer, waking up to sunshine and water, stopping in dc to see good friends in their enviable apartment, feeding spencer off the back seat and having him drink from a dunkin donuts cup, taking a 2 hour detour to try to see a jason upton concert but finding the hotels that take dogs are ridiculous, not being angry about it (progress!), eating cheerios wheat thins pretzels challah string cheese goldfish crackers


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