my addiction to all things mini – individual 7 layer dips


This recipe was so much fun to make that it felt like a craft project! I made 24 individual dips, they came out adorably. You’re quantity may be different depending on how big your layers are! They took a little finesse with getting the layers neat and pretty, but well worth the effort. I brought 12 to one party and kept 12 for a party we were having the next night. They also kept beautifully until the next day. They were a huge hit, everyone loved them. I think mostly because they could double dip! SOOO yummy.


Layer 1: 2 cans refried beans mixed with 1 packet of taco seasoning

Layer 2: 1 large container of sour cream

Layer 3: 2 packages of pre-made guacamole (or make your own)

Layer 4: salsa

Layer 5: shredded cheddar cheese

Layer 6: chopped tomatoes

Layer 7: green onions and black olives I found that tapping the cup after each layer helped with leveling.

Finish each off with a chip!




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