Sewing for Blythe

I have been sewing to stockpile my Etsy shop. It’s been so fun.



Barbie house kitchen accessories


Turns out I found 2 Barbie houses this weekend at garage sales! This one happens to be the Hannah Montana house. Doesn’t matter, I’m gutting it. Mid-renovation, I had to start playing in the kitchen. Some of the appliances are cut from magazines and will be Mod-Podged to the walls. I like the depth of that, a cluttered counter is more true to life 😉 Cheers to no more hot pink!

Dollhouse bedding made by me

This is part of my Playskool Dollhouse makeover. I fell in love with the layout of the Playskool Dollhouse. I picked one up at a garage sale for $5.00 with the furniture! Only problem…the colors were for little kids. I painted the thing about a million times with both spray paint and indoor/outdoor latex, bright white. Tonight, I made bedding. This is too fun. If only decorating my real house could be this instantly satisfying!