Cracker Jack Birthday Party Favors


Last night I decided to jazz up some Cracker Jack boxes I purchased at Costco as favors for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

I’m so happy with how they came out! What an easy and gratifying project! (Especially when done late night with a glass of wine and a good friend when all kiddies are in bed).


Cracker Jack boxes (I found them in quantities of 24 at Costco)
Red ribbon
Scraps of red fabric
Cut rectangles of brown packing paper
Silhouette stamp for boy or girl
Letter stamps (I often see these in the dollar bins at Michaels or AC Moore)
Blue stamp pad
Hot glue gun


1. Cut your supplies first. That way you can just assemble them factory style later. Cut out enough rectangles, make sure they will fit your stamps. Cut and make enough ribbons. Cut strips of scrap fabric.

2. Stamp each paper with your silhouette stamp and name. I found I liked an imperfectly inked stamp because it looks more vintage. Plus, I could allow the perfectionist in me to take a back seat ūüôā

3. Hot glue the paper onto each box at a slight angle, then hot glue the scrap fabric, followed finally by the little red bow glued on top.


Change it up as you like. I think designing the prototype was the funnest part. Or maybe it was seeing the little boxes lined up and ready for the party!



morning pages

julia cameron wrote a book called the artist’s way that i have loved and kept on my bookshelf and in my heart since a creative writing class in college. she suggests two main practices for nurtuting creativity: morning pages and artist dates.

the artists dates i have mastered. the artist dates are once-weekly excursions you do completely for you, usually alone (you can bring a very supportive friend with you if you have one РI do), its something you want to do, a gallavant, a trip, something selfish and indulgent (everyone needs these), mischievious, exploratory, you can spend no money or lots of money (whatev). and the best part is that its part of this creativity prescription Рso you must do it. these dates keep my brain healthy. i feel different when i deprive myself of them.

the morning pages are the harder part for me, even though i am a writer. they are pages you write everyday about anything. stream-of-consciousness type stuff. they are supposed to be handwritten, and very very private. you can flush them down the toilet after writing them if you want.

i’ve been thinking about being even more random than i already am and writing a bit of stream-of-consciousness on this blog, a way to keep myself honest. maybe not everyday, because i don’t like rules. but, we’ll see.

things i want to grow

basil, dreams, parsley, friendships, cucumbers, my marriage, tomatoes, resilience, cilantro, assertiveness, cherry tomatoes, my mind, flowers, my savings account, creativity, thyme, gratefulness, chives, compassion

a friend of mine gave me a christmas present that she wasn’t going to use, and to say i am excited is an understatement. i L-O-V-E hand me downs, and i am always willing to give my unused stuff away. anyway, i get this box and inside is the aerogarden 3. it is a hydroponic gardening system and it is really cool.

i got it all up and running, planted these three cute little aerogarden pods: 1 basil, 1 thyme, 1 chives. i really wish it had come with a parsley pod, but beggers can’t be choosers. the aerogarden 3 box says that they will begin sprouting in a few days, when i get home from work each day i run over to the little bubbling brook and look in to see my little seeds.

i am excited for spring, and have contacted a local farm that has a CSA program where i can buy a share of a farm and get yummy organic seasonal produce all spring/summer/fall. we would get a half share because its just us.

i am in full spring mode.